Monday, May 14, 2012

Doing This for the Rest of My Life, My Major? ❁

That feeling when you feel your major isn't right for you. That feeling when you feel that things will not get any better. Making bad grades? Can't seem to get it? Spend long nights up trying to figure things out? Well the pressure is real especially if your major is in an area that is not your strongest. But what's wrong with changing your major? Why can't it be done. Well it can be done. If you are in a major because of the economy or because of what your parents want you to do and you're not succeeding in this area as well as you would like then change your major. In the long run, this is your life and you have to be happy with what decisions you made in college and not regret your decision. I am facing some real deal problems right now and I can not seem to figure things out. I wanna do well in school so that I can do well in life. But in order for me to do well in school I have to find my true calling and I'm not sure if being a Biological Science major is.I have to find my calling and figure out exactly who I am.

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  1. Hey girlie,

    Stay strong, I'll pray that God will help you find your true passion. Follow your gut feeling.